There was a time, not long ago, that it was an employer’s market.  The need for jobs gave employers the ability to sort through an influx of applicants to pick the most desired, In the last few years that influx was already dwindling and with covid has completely dried up.  Government assistance was short lived […]

Some wait for their ship to come in, the logistic community surrounding the Georgia Ports Authority waits for the prior year’s numbers to sail in! The waters were rough, and the storms raged during 2020 but the Port still managed to not only endure but still grow. By moving 4.68 million twenty-foot equivalent container units […]

Novel, unprecedented, no one could have planned for are all words and phrases we have been hearing since the beginning of the pandemic early last year. The optimism we had in March misled us into believing that we would be back to normal by summer, or by fall, or by 2021. Now we are hitting […]