Novel, unprecedented, no one could have planned for are all words and phrases we have been hearing since the beginning of the pandemic early last year. The optimism we had in March misled us into believing that we would be back to normal by summer, or by fall, or by 2021. Now we are hitting […]

Around 88% of Americans will sit down on Thursday for Thanksgiving with turkey as the center of attention. The main thing most people think about when it comes to turkey is what size to get. Senior analyst at the ARC advisory group, Chris Cunnane says, “a pound and a half per person is a good […]

Every year the logistic industry works tirelessly to meet the demands of the holiday season and normally one would say this year is no different, expect that this year it is.  With years of data to study analysts have been able to accurately project the revenue thus allowing the industry to prepare for what lies […]