Value Added Services

Outsource Logistics offers a variety of value-added services as an essential tool for increasing customer satisfaction and designed to provide flexibility.

  • We can repackage split shipments, label boxes according to your requirements, and repalletize shipments to save on freight costs.
  • Our order fulfillment services involve transporting customer orders and shipments, storing inventory in a warehouse, packing boxes, and delivering orders on time.
  • EPA Establishment number for all sites.
  • Returns disposition and reclamation.


Supply packing
We’re ready to fulfill your high-volume, quick turnaround re-packaging and re-labeling needs including:
  • New size
  • New kit
  • New label
  • Reworked packaging

Order Fulfillment

Storage packing
Whether you’re new to e-commerce fulfillment or searching for a new fulfillment partner, you’ll find Outsource Logistics offers The Complete Package with:
  • Easy order processing
  • Affordable storage and shipping services
  • Timely turnaround on pick, pack and ship