Congratulations to Allen Johnson, owner operator for Outsource Logistics for making his final truck payment!  Allen has overcome huge adversity in the past year and has not only succeeded but paid his truck off early. Thanks Allen for your loyalty and all you do. The endless hours on the road out there are much appreciated […]

Even though unemployment is at all time high finding qualified employees remains a challenge for the logistic industry. The question is how to take untrained applicants and prepare them for success in a new industry. Many companies engage in internship programs and are finding great success. According to Lee Smith from Outsource Logistics “the advantage […]

Georgia boasts having the fourth largest port in the nation and now more than ever we are focused on the supply chain in general. One thing the logistic industry has struggled with is to fill vacant positions especially in the last few years with record low unemployment rate. The covid-19 pandemic shuttered businesses and has […]