When I heard the news that this year’s Georgia Ports Authority State of the Port Address would be virtual I immediately heard the clink of a white porcelain cup.  For the past 10 years as the escalator delivered me to the top of the convention center that was the sound that I would […]

The Last Mile for Retail Has brick and mortar retail taken its last breath? When the internet became public in 1991 it dramatically changed the way we shop. Almost 20 years later online shopping is preferred by a little over half of consumers, this has taken its  toll on the brick and mortar stores. Over […]

outsource logistics Allen

Congratulations to Allen Johnson, owner operator for Outsource Logistics for making his final truck payment!  Allen has overcome huge adversity in the past year and has not only succeeded but paid his truck off early. Thanks Allen for your loyalty and all you do. The endless hours on the road out there are much appreciated […]