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Turn Applicants into Interns

Even though unemployment is at all time high finding qualified employees remains a challenge for the logistic industry. The question is how to take untrained applicants and prepare them for success in a new industry. Many companies engage in internship programs and are finding great success. According to Lee Smith from Outsource Logistics “the advantage […]

Hiring Advantages During the Pandemic

Georgia boasts having the fourth largest port in the nation and now more than ever we are focused on the supply chain in general. One thing the logistic industry has struggled with is to fill vacant positions especially in the last few years with record low unemployment rate. The covid-19 pandemic shuttered businesses and has […]

Immunity in our Hands

Georgia made national news when Brian Kemp, Georgia’s governor made the decision to lift restrictions on the shelter at home order.  Businesses were given the green light to re-open if they choose to with restrictions to the way they conduct business. There has been heated debate about when and how the country should be opening […]

Ensuring Our Staff’s Safety

The spread of Covid-19 has forced many businesses to close or send employees to work from home. Essential businesses must remain open for the health and safety of the American people. Each of these essential businesses have different policies in place to product their employees. As the country looks to reopen in the next few […]

The supply chain is disrupted but will rebound even stronger

The average person rarely thinks about the supply chain. We take for granted that when we want something, we order it and it magically arrives or we go to a store and the item is waiting on the shelf.  In a blink of an eye our entire way of like has been adjusted and we […]

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