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The next step for the Golden Ray

We recently celebrated the rescue of 24 crew members aboard the Golden Ray container ship that capsized just outside the Brunswick Port.  The Coast Guards heroic efforts returned the crew to safety including a man that had been trapped behind glass for 40 hours! The last four crew members had been in pitch dark broiling […]

Savannah State of the Port Address Recap

The Georgia Port Authority has a great deal to be proud of and they shared this with us at the Annual State of the Port Address on Sept. 12th.  In true Savannah fashion, the event started with a networking event in the morning.  We drank coffee and shook hands with our teams, our customers and […]

Networking at the Savannah State of the Port Address

Every year the Savannah’s State of the Port Address starts with a networking coffee.  This is great networking opportunity to network with over a thousand logistics professionals!  You are about to listen to information that effects our entire economic system, share the success of the past year and starting planning for a prosperous next year.  […]

International Warehousing Logistics Association Awards Outsource Logistics

Outsource Logistics recently received 2 awards from the International Warehousing Logistics Association for going above and beyond in the fleet safety category.  Shown receiving the awards for “Most Improved Fleet Performance” and “Exceeding All Categories of Fleet Performance” is Jim Harnage, Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance.  This wouldn’t be possible without a great operations […]

6 Key Factors When Choosing a Third-Party Logistics Company

When you are choosing your first third party logistics(3PL) look for a company with the proper resources, and established processes. Finding a company with a solid reputation and shared core values is important.  You will be communicating and sharing information with this company, so you need to have a high level of trust. The right […]

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