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Today’s private fleets face a host of challenges, including increasing regulations and compliance, rising equipment costs and stricter driver qualification standards. While private fleets continue to play a significant role in business operations, these changes – and the requirement to assume all risks and liabilities inherent in transportation – have many private fleet operators considering alternative solutions such as Dedicated Fleet Services (DFS).

By partnering with us, companies no longer have the burden of owning trucks, maintaining equipment or hiring, training, and retaining drivers. Perhaps the biggest perk of our program is mitigating the risk and liability of operating a private fleet while reducing operational costs. As a core competency, Outsource Logistics can maintain and operate equipment less expensively through established relationships and discounts with suppliers, resulting in cost savings for our clients.  

When transitioning, we will work closely with private fleet operators to  understand your current business model and requirements. We also actively assess operations for continuous improvement opportunities (often in regard to the number of drivers and available equipment) in order to efficiently manage and deliver capacity, including volume spikes. The endgame: You get to focus on what you do best—and we will do the same. 


For those assessing a change in their transportation
and distribution model, a number of questions need to
be asked to determine whether DFS is a viable business
alternative. This guide offers a comprehensive look at
areas to consider and can help you determine if conversion
is appropriate for your organization. 


  • Is transportation a core function of your organization? Should you be in the transportation business?
  • Do you have a staff of employees dedicated to ongoing continuing education and training required to safely and efficiently manage a growing trucking operation?
  • Is there a quantifiable benefit from a marketing and customer service perspective to running your own fleet? Have you actually compared this to other alternatives?


  • Does DFS provide greater access to information management system technology?
  • What are the advantages of taking capital dollars required to run private fleets off the balance sheet?
  • What liability concerns can be mitigated when not running your own fleet? 
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