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Fleet Safety

Outsource Logistics recently received two awards from the International
Warehousing Logistics Association for going above and beyond in the fleet
safety category. The awards were for “Most Improved Fleet
Performance” and “Exceeding All Categories of Fleet Performance”. Outsource also celebrated a year with out accidents!  Safety is an every day focus for Outsource and we thought we could share a few of the methods we utilize.

Preventive Maintenance

Safety is far from rocket science, its more about repeating good habits daily and monitoring the results. A company can have the best safety polices in the industry but if they aren’t enforced and monitored they are still leaving themselves open for issues There is a concept called the Hawthorne effect referring to the tendency of some people to work harder and perform better when they are participants in an experiment; behavior is changed due to the attention subjects receive from the researchers, rather than because of any manipulation in dependent variables. Make sure your staff knows that they are being monitored and their buy in to safety policies will be stronger.

Fleet safety starts before anyone sits behind a wheel. Companies should consider who is driving any company vehicle not just trucks. Candidates for those positions should be selected very carefully.  Hiring standards should not be bent to accommodate lesser applicants.  Create a strict screening process and stick to it.  A great indication of the right candidate is the questions they ask in the interview.  Are they concerned with safety?  An employee that is concerned with how a company protects them will take extra measures to adhere to the safety policies.

Once the right staff is in place the next step is to review your preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance may take a vehicle off the road for a short time but will keep them on it in the long run!

1.Make a check list of once a week items, such as checking tire pressure and tread condition, making sure signal lights and brake lights are working, and topping off essential fluids

2.Schedule maintenance that needs to be done monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Safety Equipment

Even with the best preventive maintenance process, breakdowns or accidents will occur. Make sure your vehicles are equipped with a well-stocked first-aid kit, several flares, a flashlight, a blanket and water. This equipment may help save a life in the event of a problem. Even if it is never used, a safety kit should be in every vehicle. Checking the contents of the first-aid kit for expired products should be part of the truck’s periodic maintenance, making sure the kit is onboard should be part of the driver’s daily checklist.


Next focus on training.   All drivers should receive ongoing training on safety procedures and policies. Education can be simple reminders of best practices or intensive training. Remind drivers of the simple things that can become to easy to become complacent about:

  1. Eliminate distractions
  2. Consider blind spots of driver and other drivers on the road
  3. Avoid hard braking
  4. Eliminate driver fatigue

The more intensive training should be scheduled and implemented as needed and given priority.  Safety always takes everyone remaining focused.  Fleet safety isn’t just about the drivers, but our friends and family’s sharing the road!   Outsource Logistics is here to provide safe fleet services and helpful best practices.

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