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Outsource Logistics Hires First Driver Apprentice from Wiregrass Technical

Jeffery Williams, Outsource Logistics First Driver Apprentice RecruitAfter years of rising early and staying late, after undying service and unwavering fidelity to an employer, after serving dual roles as laborer and supervisor, and not one raise in over eight years, Quitman, Georgia resident Jeffrey Williams realized he was at a dead end. He had to do something. And that is just what he did when he made the decision to enter the commercial truck driving program at Wiregrass Technical College.

But let us gear down and back track. In 1999, when Jeffrey was just a young man, another individual was giving thought to where he wanted to be in life. This is when Paul Everett, Valdosta businessman and entrepreneur, stepped off a forklift and began forging a dream of his own…a warehouse and transportation
company. Everett partnered in his vision with a regional industry sales giant…Lee Smith also of Valdosta. Together, they built from ground up an independent 3PL (for Third Party Logistics) and transportation network that 19 years later has become the fastest growing warehouse 3PL and transportation provider in the Southeast. Outsource Logistics operates over 1 million square feet of warehouse space that distributes the assets of over 100 clients globally as well as a modern fleet of trucks casting a net over the Southeastern US.

The captive ingredient to this success? Hands down, second-to-none customer service with a motto of “You order it today, we have it there tomorrow.”

To serve the demanding needs of every valued asset, Outsource has sought out, recruited, and employed their most valued asset… the best professional truck drivers in the region. When Paul Everett stands before technical schools laying out his presentation in search of the best drivers, he is not shy about telling the class, “We want the best and we will only hire the best of the best” and outlines a program where the new driver graduate can earn their wheels while being home most nights.

Fast forward… and enter young, mature, Jeffrey Williams. Jeffrey reached out to Outsource Logistics through his trainers at Wiregrass Technical College.

Paul Everett partnered with WorkSource Georgia, a detailed training plan was outlined, and Jeffrey became Outsource’s first driver apprentice recruit. Jeffrey will finish his training at home with Outsource Logistics, sleep in his own bed, go to church, and see his kid play sports, all the while earning an upper five-digit income to boot. After his training Jeffrey will be on his way to earning a high five-digit income. After two to three years Jeffrey will be groomed to become a business man and possibly own his own trucks through Outsource Logistics’ lease purchase program for drivers who prove themselves and pay their dues. Reflecting the business values of owners Paul Everett and Lee Smith, Outsource Logistics’ attitude toward young driver recruits is “Drivers Today, Leaders Tomorrow” all through a program meant to help young driver talent get a new start, address the driver shortage, and meet a local need.

When Safety and Regulatory manager and driver trainer Jim Harnage put Jeffrey behind the wheel of a new Volvo rig, he knew immediately that Outsource had hired the “best of the best.” “I can’t feed Jeffrey knowledge fast enough before he is back for more,” says Harnage. The fine folks and trainers at Wiregrass
Technical College are doing an awesome job with these new recruits. Professional truck driver veteran and trainer Lonnie Fleener said in an interview that Jeffrey is “exemplar to the truck driving industry”. Ironically, Mr. Fleener was one of Jeffrey’s trainers at Wire Grass Technical College. Fitting it is that Lonnie complete and finish Jeffrey’s training at Outsource Logistics.

Jeffrey will obtain and finish his training through the newest concept in driver training with Outsource Logistics through a program made possible by an insurance rating that sets Outsource Logistics aside and a step above conventional insurance. After his 12 weeks of training on a pay scale already ahead of the standard for new driver inductees, Jeffrey will step into the cab of a late model big rig, make his mark on America, and on his community.

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